Transcranial magnetic stimulation

TMS therapy, also known as transcranial magnetic stimulation is an FDA-approved medical procedure. Usually, people suffering from depression or OCD are recommended TMS therapy. If you are looking for TMS therapy near you, INPC can be your one-stop solution. During the procedure, magnetic coils are used to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain to improve overall mood and also lower depression symptoms. INPC offers TMS treatment for depression. If you are looking for TMS treatment near you, book your appointment today at INPC.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation Q & A

No. TMS therapy is a non-invasive therapy. So, there is no need for any surgical procedure. Rather, the treatment uses a magnetic coil to stimulate the never cells in the brain.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is expected to lower the depression symptoms in the person. It also helps improve the mood and increase certain activity in the person for a better mood. Hence, TMS can help improve depression to some extent.

During the treatment, the person is seated in a reclining chair. Along with earbuds, an electromagnetic coil is adjusted around the head of the person. Now the doctor constantly turns on and off the coil to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain.

No. Usually, TMS treatment is not a painful procedure. As a matter of side effects, the person may suffer headaches or light headedness for some time after the procedure is done.

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