Intrathecal pain pump test specialist

Discomfort caused by severe pain can cause unnecessary struggles in life. In such times, all you may want is to alleviate the pain as soon as possible. One effective way to reduce pain is the intrathecal pain pump procedure. Before the final procedure, an intrathecal pain pump test is performed. The process delivers pain relief through medications injected directly into the spinal cord. Our intrathecal pain pump test specialists at Indiana Neurology and Pain Center are there to diagnose your condition and offer effective pain management solutions. Book your appointment today.

Intrathecal pain pump test Q & A

The intrathecal pain pump is a device that delivers medication directly to your spinal cord to alleviate pain. The intrathecal pain pump test specialist uses a device to surgically implant a small pump under the abdominal skin and then the medicine is injected through intrathecal space in the spine using a catheter. Because the medication is delivered directly to your spinal cord, you can control your pain symptoms with much smaller doses of medication than is needed with oral medication.

Indiana Neurology and Pain Center is a full-service pain management practice that takes an integrative and holistic approach to care. When you come to the office for a pain management consultation, your provider conducts an in-depth clinical exam to determine the best pain treatment for you. You may be a good candidate for an intrathecal pain pump test if you suffer from a chronic pain condition traditional treatments fail to provide long-term pain relief, and surgery is the option.

At Indiana Neurology and Pain Centre, the intrathecal pain pump test is a long-term pain management therapy. For the test, your provider inserts a catheter into the intrathecal space in your spine and delivers the same amount of medication you would get from the pain pump device. In addition to determining if the intrathecal pain pump makes a good long-term pain management choice for you, the test also helps your provider find the best location for the catheter and the medication and dose that provides the most pain relief.

Once the successful test is reported, the patient can then be moved for full implant. After the pain management procedure is done, pain medication is also provided for the intrathecal pain pump. It helps in refilling the pump with sufficient and required medication.


The intrathecal pain pump offers many advantages for people suffering from chronic pain. Some of the advantages include:
Adjustable pain relief
Reduced opioid use
Targeted pain relief
Fewer side effects, if any
More cost-effective.


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