Radiofrequency ablation specialist

Chronic neck or back pain may require an effective and long-term solution like radiofrequency ablation. At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, Dr Samiullah Kundi, MD delivers comprehensive and interventional pain management solutions and consultations. As a radiofrequency ablation specialist, Dr. Kundi performs this minimally invasive therapy to destroy the nerve fibers that carry pain signals to your brain which in turn provides pain relief. Indiana Neurology and Pain Center performs radiofrequency ablation with local anesthesia and mild sedation to minimize discomfort.

Radiofrequency ablation Q & A

Radiofrequency ablation, also known as rhizotomy is a non-surgical and minimally invasive therapy that targets chronic pain in the spine due to arthritis. During this interventional therapy, radiofrequency energy is used to destroy the pain-carrying nerve fibers. When these nerve fibers are destroyed, pain signals sent to the brain are blocked which provides pain relief.

At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, our doctors pay careful attention to detailed diagnoses of the patient before recommending treatment. You may be advised radiofrequency ablation if you are experiencing chronic neck and back pain. Depending on your past medical history and current pain level, doctors will recommend the best treatment procedure.

At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, the patient is treated with local anesthesia and mild sedation before the treatment begins. A hollow needle is inserted into the spine area that is causing pain through image-guided technology. Once the needles are in the right position, a numbing agent is injected and radiofrequency ablation is delivered. It may take up to 90 seconds to destroy the nerve fibers. Depending on the condition, multiple needles may be used.

Once the radiofrequency ablation procedure is done, the patient is observed for some time in the recovery area. Usually, you may go home after some time and resume your usual work after 1-3 days. Patients may need 10 days to notice evident improvements in pain relief. For some patients, the effect may last for a year or even more. Contact Indiana Neurology and Pain Center to learn more about the procedure.

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