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Epilepsy can be a challenging condition for many people. It is an abnormal function of the body that may affect anyone and in some cases, it may cause extreme pain and discomfort. In order to treat epilepsy and related pain, vagus nerve stimulation is used by doctors. At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, a vagus nerve stimulation specialist will help you find the best solution through a detailed diagnosis. Book your appointment today.

Vagus nerve stimulation Q & A

Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system which causes seizures. Anyone can be affected by epilepsy. While some cases can be mild, some cases can be severe where the patients may suffer extreme pain, and discomfort and even sustain injuries due to extreme seizures. To minimize the effect of seizures, certain medications and procedures are advised by doctors and one of these is the vagus nerve stimulation.

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) is primarily a device that aims at reducing the chances of seizures due to epilepsy. A cranial nerve goes from the brainstem to the colon and this is known as the vagus nerve. In vagus nerve stimulation, the device keeps sending mild and regular electrical energy pulses to the brain through the vagus nerve. The device goes under the skin and usually, the electrical pulses sent by the device are barely felt by the patients.


At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, the vagus nerve stimulation specialist will perform a detailed diagnosis and deliver consultation based on the diagnosis. Usually people who are taking epilepsy seizure medications yet experiencing no improvement are advised VNS.


At Indiana Neurology and Pain Center, the process of VNS placement may usually take 45 to 90 minutes under local anesthesia. In the upper left side of the chest, a small incision is made for implantation of the VNS. A small incision on the lower neck on the left side may also be made for the electrical wires of the stimulator. After placing the device, the duration and strength of the electrical impulses improve the condition. Usually, the stimulation begins at a low pace and then increases gradually.

Vagus nerve stimulation is not intended to cure epilepsy, but to reduce the effects of seizure activity and improve the quality of life. Ito experience the complete benefits of the device, it may take a year or more.

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