Workman comp

Workers compensation, commonly known as workman comp is a form of insurance. Workers suffering from injury or illness directly due to their jobs are covered under the worker’s compensation benefits. As a form of cash benefit, the worker is compensated for the loss. Since worker’s compensation is directly covered by individual states in the USA, the benefit may differ from one state to another.

Workman comp Q & A

The workman comp is provided in the form of cash benefit to the worker. There may be different set of coverages provided depending on the residing state and the health condition of the worker.

Workers comp claims can be raised online through the state government’s official website. All the states have their own workers’ Compensation Board that is responsible for managing the workman comp.


No. workers’ compensation may differ from one state to another in the USA since the coverage is directly managed by individual states.

Yes. In the USA, the government has made it mandatory for all the states to offer workman compensation to all those workers suffering injury or illness due to their jobs.

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