At INPC, we also offer toxicology testing services. Toxicology is usually done using blood or urine samples of the person. Toxicology screening is done to determine the presence of certain chemicals and drugs in the body of the person. Toxicology laboratory gives a quick result and to check the amount of certain drugs present in the body, further screening may be done. At INPC, the test for toxicology is quite hassle-free and quick.

Toxicology Q & A

Toxicology screening can be done in various ways. One of these is through urine samples. Apart from this, the doctor may perform toxicology through blood or saliva samples.

There can be various purposes for toxicology tests. Common reasons include athletics screening, testing for drug abuse, forensic analysis, medical testing, and so on.

No. usually toxicology screening test is not a painful procedure.

Toxicology may be medically recommended by the doctor in case a person is suspected of drug abuse. Apart from this, certain job screening also requires toxicology reports.

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