Telehealth services

Now avail healthcare services from the comfort of your home, office, or even miles away. Telehealth services let you connect with your doctor without the need to visit physically for treatment.



Healthcare services without traveling anywhere

Quick Treatment

Avail quick treatment from your home

From Anywhere

No geographical limitations in healthcare

No Risk

No risk of exposure to infectious diseases

Why telehealth services?

Telehealth services have become a popular healthcare solution in today’s time. Be it through telecommunications or the internet, availing telehealth is at your fingertips. At INPC, we offer one of the best telehealth services to our patients.

Telehealth uses technological tools like computers, smartphones, or digital devices to let patients connect with their doctor without having to travel physically to the hospital. At INPC, we encourage telehealth services for quick, hassle-free, and contact-free treatment. At INPC, we have a dedicated team that is telehealth services so our patients can receive instant treatment and solutions to their health queries.

Telehealth can be beneficial for consultation purposes and in cases that only require medication treatment. When it comes to physical therapy or surgery for pain management, one may have to visit the hospital in person to receive the best pain management solution. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the scope of telehealth services more than ever before. Along with being a cost-effective option, it also keeps you off unnecessary contact with infectious diseases.