Postural analysis

Understanding postural analysis

Postural analysis is the first step toward pain management. When a patient comes with a complaint of musculoskeletal pain, the doctor may perform a detailed postural analysis to assess the cause and points of pain and muscle abnormalities. Based on the score of the analysis of posture, the doctor may devise the line of treatment required to fix the problem.

Postural analysis benefits

Postural assessment is the key to understanding a patient’s muscle problems. Based on a multi-angle assessment, the result of the analysis is concluded. It helps doctors find the evident as well as hidden pain points and thus, a base to begin the treatment for postural realignment.

Postural analysis at

At Indiana Neurology & Pain Centre, we focus on comprehensive diagnosis including postural analysis of the patient. This step prior to treatment offers an edge to the postural analysis specialist as they get to know the exact pain points. Book your appointment today for a thorough check-up and pain management solutions.