Pelvic floor therapy

Understanding pelvic floor therapy

Pelvic floor therapy is primarily physical massage and exercises that aim at relieving pelvic floor pain. It may be caused due to various reasons like accident, injury, post-partum, post-surgery, etc. Pain in the pelvic floor can cause discomfort and chronic pain. The therapeutic treatment aiming pelvic floor can be beneficial in pain management.

Pelvic floor therapy Benefits

The purpose of pelvic floor pain management is to release the stiffness and immobility of the pelvic floor nerves and muscles. Through different types of massage and exercises, the specialist targets the pain points. This pain management solution can offer long-term pain relief.

Pelvic floor therapy at

A pelvic floor specialist will physically examine the underlying pain points in the pelvic floor. Depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment may be devised by the doctor. If you are suffering from pelvic floor pain and looking for pelvic floor therapy in Indiana, INPC can be your best choice. Contact us today to book your appointment.