Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced and non-invasive medical imaging technology. In an MRI, radio frequency creates a magnetic field around the concerned body part. Through this technique, detailed images of the concerned organs and tissues are created. The clarity in MRI is quite high so it is advised when a detailed diagnosis of an underlying problem has to be done, like musculoskeletal pain. MRI scan in Indiana is now an easy method with INPC. Book your consultation today at INPC for whole-body MRI scans.


When there is a need for an in-depth and detailed diagnosis of organs and tissues, doctors recommend magnetic resonance imaging. The images produced by MRI are of high resolution which helps in better understanding of the underlying health problem.

No. Usually, MRI scans are not a painful or difficult procedure since it is a non-invasive diagnostic process. However, people who feel uncomfortable in closed spaces or are claustrophobic may find it challenging. In such cases, doctors provide you with relaxing drugs so you feel less anxious. Visit INPC for a full-body MRI.

Yes, Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used for various body parts including the brain. The MRI of the brain and spinal cord helps understand conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, etc. If you are looking for a brain MRI near you, INPC could be your one-stop solution.

CT-Scan is a series of X-rays captured quickly in a row. On the other hand, MRI uses the magnetic field technique to create images of the organs and tissues. In different cases, different diagnostic tests are performed. INPC provides you with both detailed diagnoses including MRI in Indianapolis and treatment for the same. Choose INPC if you’re looking for an MRI scan near you.

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