Manual therapy

Understanding manual therapy

Manual therapy is the treatment aimed at relieving muscle pain and stiffness. There can be various reasons why people may suffer from muscle, joint, or ligament pain. It may be due to injuries, accidents, certain activities, overuse, or a post-surgery effect. Hands-on therapy like physiotherapy from a manual therapy expert can offer long-term pain relief.

Manual therapy benefits

Manual therapy can be extremely beneficial for both minor and chronic pain. The goal is to offer long-term pain relief without interventional therapy. So, the patient does not have to undergo any surgery or invasive procedure. Hands-on treatment can prove to be an effective treatment.

Manual therapy at

Manual therapy can be used as a treatment line for various conditions. Common ones include joint immobility, muscle strain, soft tissue immobility, etc. If you are looking for a manual therapy specialist in Indiana, INPC can be the right place. We have a team of expert professionals involved in offering compassionate and effective pain management solutions.