IV infusions

Oral medication may not always be a treatment plan for the best result. So, in some cases, intravenous therapy is opted to provide medication directly into the bloodstream of the patients. It is a commonly practiced medical treatment to provide instant medication. If you are looking for IV therapy near you, you have landed at the right place. We offer intravenous therapy with all the needed care. Contact INPC today for medical services.

IV infusions Q & A

During IV therapy, a needle called a cannula is inserted into one of the veins of the patient, mostly in the arms. Then the cannula is attached to the fluid bag on the other end that keeps dripping the fluid. The fluid bag may contain any required medication like water, blood, nutrients, etc.

When the skin is punctured to insert the needle, it may cause slight pain. However, once the dripping begins, the patient may not feel much pain.

IV therapy can be provided during various medical conditions. Common ones are severe dehydration, blood transfusion, pain relief, malnutrition, etc. If you are looking for IV therapy in Indiana, INPC can be your best solution.


Yes. IV therapy is also known as infusion therapy. Through IV, the patient receives immediate medication when oral medication may not be helpful.


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