Internship program

At INPC, we are enthusiastic to train potential pain management specialists through extensive physical therapy internships. All those aspiring pain management specialists can make the best use of this opportunity to upskill their knowledge of pain management. At INPC, we focus on providing undergraduate students with much-needed training and helpful resources so they can enhance their skills and look forward to a bright career ahead.

Internship program Q & A

Yes. At INPC, undergraduate students can apply for internship programs. It helps them learn the essentials of physical therapy to boost their career scope

Yes, students who successfully enroll and complete their internship program at INPC are eligible to receive a certificate of completion.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a physical therapy internship at INPC. To get more knowledge on the matter, you must contact us.

By completing an internship program, students get to know about the actual field work of a pain management specialist. Along with this, their mental, behavioral, and social skills also develop. They also get to upgrade and enrich their skills in physical therapy for a promising career ahead. If you are looking for a physical therapy internship near you, INPC can be your ideal choice.

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