Chronic care management

Chronic care management is required by patients who are suffering from extreme neurological and musculoskeletal pain. In order to offer long-term relief, doctors at INPC plan for detailed and comprehensive long-term chronic care management services. The team of experts at INPC is involved in RPM and CCM services with a multidisciplinary approach. The holistic approach targets overall health improvement of the patient including mental health. Book your appointment today at INPC for a detailed diagnosis and the right pain management solution.

Chronic care management Q & A

Usually, people who are suffering from chronic pain where one single line of treatment may not be suitable require CCM. Through a holistic approach to treatment, doctors at INPC target the overall health improvement of the patient for a pain-free life.

Depending on the condition of the patient, doctors may prescribe a multidisciplinary treatment plan for pain relief. From diagnosis to treatment, multiple processes may be carried out.

RPM stands for Remote Patient Monitoring. Usually CCM and RPM are carried out simultaneously to offer a comprehensive pain management solution to the patient.

CCM, Chronic Care Management and RPM, Remote Patient Monitoring are different value-based treatment plans. Usually, RPM focuses on real-time data collection of the patient for early and quick treatment. On the other side, CCM involves a multidisciplinary approach to comprehensive healthcare for the patient. Hence, the two approaches may be carried together for the best results.

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